Enhance Your Team's Excel & Google Sheets Skills with Entrefine Learning. Discover how to use spreadsheets more quickly, efficiently, and productively.

Is Excel Taking Up Too Much of Your Day?

Dealing with complex data, messy data retrieval, confusion in formula selection, and repetitive data analysis tasks can significantly slow down your team's productivity. Not up-to-date with the latest formulas?

Entrefine Learning is All You Need

At Entrefine, we've encountered every Excel and Google Sheets challenge imaginable.
Our vast experience in teaching, data analysis, data visualization, and template development covers nearly every unique case you can think of. Trust us to find a solution to every problem. Here, we will teach your team how to work with spreadsheets in the most optimal and efficient way.
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We Found a perfect Recipe for our Training.

We understand that traditional teaching methods often fail to leave a lasting impression. Therefore, we are committed to creating training programs that deliver enduring benefits.
Personalized & Customized Study Case.

Before any training program begins, we conduct in-depth interviews with potential participants to understand the challenges they face, their daily tasks, and their expectations from the training. This allows us to prepare training materials that are precisely tailored to meet the needs of the team or company

On Job Mentoring.

After the training is complete, we dedicate a mentor to each participant. These mentors will assist participants in applying the knowledge gained during the training to their daily work.

Trusted by Over 30+ Companies
Hundreds to thousands of participants have taken part in Entrefine Learning, ranging from complete beginners to experts in spreadsheets.
Ready to elevate your team's skills?

Data Management Workshop - Entrefine has been instrumental in helping me achieve more efficient and time-saving data processing (scalable report). During the workshop, we were taught several seldom-used functions that proved to be incredibly useful later on.

What made a lasting impression was the mentoring session, which was tailored specifically to our needs at the store. The mentor was exceptionally helpful in providing precise solutions for creating scalable reports.

- IKEA Participant

Absolutely amazing! I always thought IF functions were headache-inducing and overly complex, but it turned out to be surprisingly easy to understand.

The clarity of the instruction and practical exercises were excellent. The formulas were introduced from the simplest to the most complex, providing a clear step-by-step learning path. Truly impressive!

- Love, Bonito Participant

The training material provided was incredibly helpful for my work. The mentor's explanations were well-flowed and their analogies were easy to understand.

The mentor was very interactive and delivered the material exceptionally well.

- Manulife Participant

Great, the class was interactive. It was very helpful that the coach prepared worksheets for individual practice, as I'm more of a learning-by-doing type.

- Love, Bonito Participant

"one of the most impactful training i've ever attended"

- Manulife Participants

Program for Beginner - Advance.

From spreadsheet basics to advanced data analysis and visualization, Entrefine Learning offers everything you need to excel
1st lEVEL

Beginner Program

To become an expert, it's crucial to first strengthen your foundational skills.

check_circle   Introduction to Excel / Google Sheets
check_circle   Basic Formating Formula
2nd Level

Intermediate Program

Begin to master and fully understand the functionalities of Excel and Google Sheets.

check_circle   Logical Function to Processing Data
check_circle   Next Level Calculation Funtion
check_circle   Lookup Function
check_circle   Basic Visualization & Analysis
3rd level

Advance Program

Not only will you be able to operate Excel or Google Sheets, but you will also become quick and proficient in using them.

check_circle   Advance Formula (Thinking Concept)
check_circle   Advance Feature / Formula
check_circle   Additonal Advance Tools
Highest Level

Full Program

My Data-Driven Journey

A complete program from beginner to advanced, ideal for those who want to elevate their skills from basic to expert levels.

check_circle   Include Program from Beginner - Advace
check_circle   Data Processing
check_circle   Data Analytics
check_circle   Data Visualization


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the training offered specifically for individuals or companies?
We provide specialized training for companies. Our programs are designed to help teams and employees develop skills tailored to your business needs.
What does the training material or curriculum look like?

Our training materials are highly flexible and customizable. We offer a curriculum that can be tailored to the needs of your team or company, ensuring that each training session is relevant and beneficial.

How is the training scheduled?
Our training scheduling is very flexible. We adjust the timing and frequency according to the needs and schedules of our clients, whether it's an intensive 4-day consecutive training or weekly sessions, we can accommodate your needs.
Is the training conducted offline or online?

We offer both options. You can choose to participate in training offline at a designated location or online from the comfort of your office or home. We are committed to providing easy and effective access for all training participants.

What is the maximum number of participants in one training session?

To ensure the effectiveness of the training, we recommend that each session ideally has 5-15 participants. This allows for better interaction and more detailed attention from our instructors. 

However, if your company needs training for more employees, we can arrange additional sessions or split participants into smaller classes of no more than 15 people each. We can also customize classes based on job divisions to provide more specific and in-depth material tailored to the needs of each team.